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Printing & Delivery

[ How do we print your pretties? ]

All of our patches are hand pressed, so after we've received your order and done our little happy dance we start by laying out your design on our computer (he's called Brian) then cutting out the vinyl on our cutter (he's called Roland) then once Roland has done a very efficient cutting job we hand pick the vinyl of each design then head over to our heat press (who doesn't have a name) which has been heated to 150°C  where we press the vinyl design onto our patch blanks. 

[ Looking after your new pet patch. ]

As our vinyl is heat activated we'd advise not ironing directly onto the print of your finished patch nor leaving it underneath a magnifying glass in direct sunlight, nor near your pet dragon.  It'll be quite happy to be washed in a normal cool wash though.

We don't make our patch blanks but the people that do are super lovely, we order their patches in batches (ha, that rhymes!) so sometimes the colour can be slightly different to the ones shown on our website.

[ When will I get my patch? ]

If the patch blanks are in stock then your order will be posted out in a couple of days, if not then it might take a few days longer - we always try to get them out within ten days.  If you're super desperate to get your patch for a specific day (for example your pet dragon's birthday) please drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

All patches are sent by first class snail mail.

[ PayPal doesn't like me! ]

Payment via our Big Cartel shop is taken via PayPal, we know some people don't use PayPal, if this is the case, we also have an Etsy shop that gives you other payment options.